A powerful, professional photography package that’s tailored to you.

Promote. Inspire. Sell.

That’s what great marketing photography does. It’s powerful stuff - but are you making the most of it? If not, why not?

Your valued customers want to see why, how and where you do what you do - so show them!

You’re driven and inspired, passionate about the outdoors and the benefits of living an active lifestyle. Guess what? They are, too!

So what’s your story?

Your message. 

The sole purpose of Outdoor Impact is to give you what you need to quickly build your brand, engage with your audience and ultimately increase your profits.

Think of your photography not just as a functional means to an end, but as an experience - an experience that has the potential to transform your business into the industry-leading organisation you know it can be!

Your investment. 

The package includes a set of individually prepared, creative - yet functional - pictures selected from an exclusive online proofing album in the days following your photo shoot. 

Gather the team around, get the coffee on and let the discussion fly! Which pictures deliver your message best?

And it doesn’t stop there. With added benefits including further promotional opportunities through podcast interviews, product reviews and social media, now’s the time to tell your story.

Book your complimentary Discovery Call now and see how your story can make an impact.

Here's what you'll get in the Outdoor Impact Storytelling Package... 

Option 1

Photography - Full Day

Secure Online Preview Album

Professional Edit - 50 images

Second location (Same Day)

Promotional Blog Post

Promotional Podcast Interview

Acrylic Wall Display

Promotional Photo Book



Option 2

Photography - Full Day

Secure Online Preview Album

Professional Edit - 50 images

Promotional Podcast Interview

Promotional Photo Book



Option 3

Photography - Half Day

Secure Online Preview Album

Professional Edit - 30 images

Promotional Podcast Interview

Promotional Photo Book



A little more detail about each of those features...

A full day of photography

At a single location of your choosing, and with a good plan of attack in place, we'll cover all angles - including headshots, products, premises and team - in order to get your core message across. 

Secure online preview album

Containing all of the unprocessed pictures from your photo shoot, only you get to see this page. Exclusive access and the freedom to make your picture choices in your own time means you'll pick the pictures which work best for you. 

Professionally-edited selection of photographs

Your selection of 50 high-resolution images will be individually prepared and supplied via direct download, ready to start working for you from the moment you get them. No need to make adjustments, simply hand them over to whoever is in charge of putting them to good use.

VALUE: £1,195

Additional photography at a second location (same day)

It might be that a second location is beneficial to telling your story. If this is a case - no problem! We'll factor that into the day's plans to ensure your story really is told the best it can be.

VALUE: £195

A short, sharp, 15-second behind-the-scenes promotional video

Video is such a powerful tool in storytelling - why not include it in your coverage on the day? This professionally-edited footage, with logos included, is perfect for social media sharing and featuring on your website.

VALUE: £395

Blog post 

With a reach of over 100,000 hits per month, The Active Photographer website is a great resource. It's popular with many outdoor brands as well as outdoor enthusiasts who are keen to indulge themselves and buy your products and services!

You'll benefit from coverage on a global scale via a spotlight feature highlighting your business and the shoot itself, with links shared across multiple social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

VALUE: £95

Promotional interview 

The Active Photographer Podcast, now totalling over 250 episodes, is a great platform for putting a voice to your brand. What better way to tell your story than in person? An informal guest interview, lasting around 30 minutes, gives you the chance to highlight key products and services and set yourself apart from the competition. 

Along with blog posts, the podcast has generated leads and sales for brands and companies who see it as a great opportunity for further collaboration.

VALUE: £95

3ft x 1.5ft acrylic wall display 

Photographs are no good if they're not seen - so be proud and show what you're all about with a hard-hitting picture up on the wall! 

Wall displays grab attention and give your story prominence in your premises. They're perfect for Receptions, but equally at home in meeting rooms and corridors.

VALUE: £495

Promotional photo book 

Containing your 50 selected pictures, the glossy photo book is a great way to engage with visitors from the moment they step through the door of your premises. They'll already be getting to know what you're all about whist waiting for a meeting, giving you a head start.

Or of course, you might just like to keep the book to yourself as a creative tool ahead of further marketing activities! Whichever you choose, make sure you make the most of it!

VALUE: £95

So, are you ready to tell your story?

Book your complimentary Discovery Call and see just how I can help you make an impact!

Why me?

Having first taken an interest in photography at the age of 12, I've now been a professional photographer for more than 16 years. Along the way, I've worked with all manner of people, from stand-alone entrepreneurs to global corporations including Outdoorfood, Páramo, Manfrotto, Help For Heroes, Goodwood, Vango, BP, Porsche, Relentless Energy and American Express.

Much of this has been in collaboration with PR, marketing and brand-focused teams, giving me a great understanding of how strategically-planned photography can promote and sell products and services in front of targeted audiences.

Over the years, I've built a strong reputation within the outdoor world - not just through my imagery, but via related activities including writing, podcasting, gear testing, speaking and industry-specific events.

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