Brand Builder Coaching

Sometimes you need guidance and clarity even before the first pictures can be taken or shared.
Backed by internationally-accredited training as a coach and almost 18 years' experience of providing professional imagery to businesses of all sizes, my in-depth visibility coaching sessions allow you to get your head around how best to use photography to get your message across to your audience - and so get the results you want.

"Thank you Giles. Just watch this space once I get my creative juices flowing! I am still buzzing from our session and my mind is now on overtime. Thank you soooo much!"


Vanessa Osborne, life coach

"I have consulted with Giles on several occasions about photography, videography and podcasting for my coaching business. 

Giles is extremely knowledgable and very passionate about sharing his experience to help others improve in the use of these mediums. He goes above and beyond for all his clients and his consultations are worth every penny in terms of your investment and the return you will gain from it. 

I can’t recommend Giles enough as a thoroughly decent person and talented photographer/videographer/blogger/podcaster."

Ruth Miller-Anderson, The Swan Doctor

"Thank you Giles for your super tips and helpful advice!"

Charlotte Mather, hypnotherapist & Reiki practitioner

"Your energy, passion and enthusiasm is outstanding! If anyone is sitting on the fence, jump of and right in! Giles has a great talent that you really wouldn’t regret tapping into."

Maggie Downie - lifestyle & wellness coach