My Story

Everyone has a story - this is mine.
In this video, I explain how it is that I now find myself as a coach and photographer of nearly 18 years' professional experience (and 28 years of picture-taking in total).
Along the way, I've worked with all manner of people, from stand-alone entrepreneurs to global corporations including Firepot, Páramo, Manfrotto, Help For Heroes, Goodwood, AMG Group, BP, Porsche, Relentless Energy and American Express.
Much of this has been in collaboration with PR, marketing and brand-focused teams, giving me a great understanding of how strategically-planned photography can promote and sell products and services in front of targeted audiences.
Over the years, I've built a strong reputation within the outdoor and lifestyle industries - not just through my imagery, but via related activities including coaching, writing, podcasting, gear testing, speaking and industry-specific events.
Unapologetically enthusiastic about my work, I love getting involved with great, proactive people and helping them to tell their stories. I cover everything from head shots to full-blown, on-location multi-day trips with all the bells and whistles.
Edit: New video coming soon, covering why and how I became an internationally accredited coach and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner!