GBP_Home profile pic_IMG_9993_© Giles Ba
GBP_Home profile pic_IMG_9993_© Giles Ba
Photographer. Coach.
Outdoors Advocate.
I help people gain clarity and understand how best to use photography to share their
passion for an active lifestyle.
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Brand Builder Coaching 

In-depth coaching programmes that walk you through the process of targeting your ideal client via a well thought-out approach to image-based content.
✅ Build your brand in a structured and targeted way.
✅ Use the power of your unique story to reach your audience.
✅ Be creative with your online content, using multiple attention-grabbing methods.

Outdoor Impact

Storytelling Packages

Your customers want to see why, what, where and how you do what you do.
So show them.
Powerful, professional photography
tailored to you and your requirements.
✅ Stop wasting time on pictures that work against you rather than for you.
✅ Stop alienating your audience.
✅ Start getting noticed for all the right reasons.
✅ Get the results you want and deserve, all because you understand how to use pictures properly.


My photography work is widely varied. Here's a small selection showing a variety of imagery I typically produce for my clients.