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About Me And My work

Photography has been the driving force in my life ever since the first time I started taking pictures seriously at around 12 years old. At that time, anything was fair game - from pets and hobbies to days at the beach and everything in between.

Now with over 20 years of professional experience under my belt, my work as a photographer, coach and educator is all about promoting the benefits of spending time outdoors. In terms of photography, I’m passionate about helping people take photos in a slower, more purposeful way in line with a closer connection with nature.

The ways in which we experience the world through the camera is a topic that’s been well documented since photography’s inception - but I think perhaps now more than ever, it is something which needs re-addressing. Ours is a throwaway society of quick selfies and clickbait content; in itself, there’s nothing wrong with this, but I think something magical happens when we approach visuals in a more considered way.

Over the years, I've built a strong reputation within the outdoor and lifestyle industries - not just through commercial photography, but via related activities including writing, public speaking, coaching (I’m an accredited NLP practitioner), podcasting, gear testing and more.


The woodland is where I’m most at home - which is why you’ll often find me exploring these wonderful landscapes with my camera, all the while embracing moments of thoughtful solitude in a world that can often feel far too hectic. If you know me well, it won’t surprise you to hear that whilst out and about, I can often be found lying in my hammock.

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